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Review by Tara April 2018

I have been boarding my dog, Kylie, at Buzzy's for several years and I cannot say enough good things about owner, Joan Todd. Joan knows and respects dogs and she takes the time to understand what makes each dog the way that they are. She watches and senses their behaviors and pairs them in play groups with other compatable dogs. She stays outside with the dogs on the coldest and hottest days because she is dedicated to providing all her dogs with a happy, stress free experience. Joan takes the time to send pictures and videos of Kylie, which she knows makes me feel less guilty about boarding her. I trust Joan implicitly and would not consider boarding Kylie anywhere else. She is a God send!!

yelp review by Carol 5/8/2018

We and our dog had a wonderful experience with Buzzy's Bark-N-Run Dog Camp. The owner, Joan, is knowledgeable and very caring about all the animals at the farm. Her understanding of dogs is amazing--she was able to correctly assess the personality of our Roxie within two minutes of meeting her--and when Roxie seemed stressed at night, Joan was able to find a solution that calmed her and made her a happier camper.

Joan also helped to reduce our stress by giving us text updates and sending us videos of Roxie romping with other campers. After looking at other boarding places with metal crates on concrete floors in giant warehouses, seeing Buzzy's immediately felt like coming home, with fields of green grass for Roxie to run on, and chickens and donkeys for her to watch and bark at. (So, I guess Roxie did fulfill both parts of the "bark" and "run" promise of the camp.) Joan is no-nonsense, the way you want in someone caring for your loved pet...but she is also obviously in love with all the creatures on her farm. Roxie came home happy, healthy, and worn-out.

We are thrilled to have found Buzzy's, and we will definitely be boarding Roxie here again. 

Review by: Dan Tranter 7/17/2014

"I have a 1 yr old goldendoodle and my friend also has one from the same litter. Back in March we boarded them with Joan and Buzzy for a long weekend. I had been shopping around and was nervous about the whole process (having never boarded the dogs before). I heard about Buzzy's word-of-mouth and took the dogs there to visit and meet Joan a couple weeks prior of their stay...was very pleased and had peace of mind about leaving them. Sure enough, they had lots of attention, fun and exercise during the weekend of their stay, and were tired when we brought them home. Joan even sent some videos of our dogs (Gabe and Paisley) running around and playing with Buzzy, and curious about the horses on the other side of the fence. It wasn't anything like typical boarding, but was a true camp experience and vacation for the dogs!"

Review by: R. Andrews 7/1/2014

just wanted to praise Buzzy's Bark N Run. Having just moved to Raleigh from TX, I was anxious to find a place where I felt comfortable leaving our two pups (Gib and Murphy) when we had to go out of town. I found Buzzy's online and toured it right after we moved here in February. We finally went out of town last week and I just picked up the pups yesterday. I never worried about them while we were gone and Joan was so great about sending us updates on how they were doing. They were happy and relaxed when I picked them up (Murphy was in Joan's lap!) and, even though they were happy to see me, they were not overly anxious to get out of there, either. That tells me they truly enjoyed their time at Buzzy's and I couldn't ask for anything more. We're already booked for our next visit!

Review by Erin P. 5/8/2014

We recently boarded our dog at Buzzy's Bark-N-Run and we will now always use them for boarding services. Joan is great with all the animals she cares for and really gets to know your pets! Our dog has always had anxiety and stress when we have boarded him at numerous other pet boarding facilities and he always seemed so miserable and unhappy for days after bringing him home....he even has had seizures due to the stress.....But not at Buzzy's... Meatball was definitely one Happy Camper and so are we!! Thank you so much Joan for taking care of our Meatball!!

Review by: Michael J. 4/14/14

We needed to board our high-energy puppy for a couple days and began a very frustrating search for a place we felt comfortable leaving him. We came across some info and review on Buzzy's Bark-N-Run and immediately suspected this would be the place for him. Upon our first visit to Joan's establishment, any concerns we had about our dog's well-beng were immediately reliieved. Her attention to detail and care for her "guests" is obvious in everything she does. While we were gone, we even received two short videos of him playing with other puppies who were staying at the same time. If your furry friend is social and active like ours, you won't have to feel bad about them being cooped up (with little or no attention) when life pulls you away for a few days. I can't really say enough good about Joan or her facilities. Even more important, I can't stress how much her personal concern and attention to each of her visitors meant to us. We won't ever bother looking for another boarding option as long and Joan and Buzzy are accepting visitors. This place will be hard to beat by anyone. Buzzy's doesn't get 5 stars for being "good", it's a phenominal 5 stars


Review from Steve C.

Wake Forest. 1/9/2014

  • We recently boarded our two dogs, a natural male, and a spayed female, at Buzzy's for 8 days over the Holidays. Joan was fantastic and the dogs really loved the environment. My 2.5 yo male loves the dog park and playing chase with other dogs. Well, he got to "live" in a dog park at Buzzy's, and was able to play to his heart's content. Even my 8 yo female, a small dog who isn't exactly high energy, enjoyed being there, and Joan gave her lots of love and attention.
Before we ever settled on boarding at Buzzy's 

we visited in order to see the facilities, meet Joan, and for Joan to meet our dogs, especially our natural male. She told us she wanted to meet them so that she could do her best to have the right mix of dogs in her facility when we boarded there. When we picked up our dogs we got a chance to meet some of the other dogs and they were great too. Joan really did a great job matching them all up so they could all get the most out of their time there. Speaking of which, Joan spends hours each morning and each afternoon actually playing with and running the dogs around (those that want to do that) so that they are well exercised and ready to bed down by the evening.

For the record, I am in no way affiliated with, or know Joan other than as a satisfied customer. It's been so hard for us to find good boarding kennels that will allow dogs that are not neutered or spayed, this goes double for a kennel that will allow the dogs to free play. Usually my natural male would have to be segregated and kept in his own little run, maybe getting a couple 15 minute walks each day. I don't know about you, but if you have a dog who loves to run and play that just isn't enough for them, and I certainly want my dog treated better than that. They get that good treatment at Buzzy's.

Even thought we usually travel with our dogs as much as possible, sometimes you just can't do that. Now, we finally have a great place that will treat our dogs as good as we would. Our search for quality canine care and boarding is over, we'll definitely be boarding at Buzzy's whenever the need arises.

  • Review by S B.
  • Raleigh, NC 12/28/2013
  • My Husband and I cannot say enough great things about Buzzys Bark N Run. We had been searching and searching for three years to find a place to that we thought was going to be a good fit for two four legged fur babies. We had tried several places in the area and found them to be overcrowded and charge extras for silly things like belly rubs or playing ball, shouldn't these activities just be included? Well at Buzzys there's everything your dog could ever want! It's simple and all inclusive, where a dog can just simply be a dog. There is tons of room for the dogs to run around and the owner there constantly engaging in safe and healthy play. Buzzys can only accommodate up to 10 dogs at a time so you never have to worry about overcrowding, but be aware that you will need to make reservations.

  • Buzzys Bark N Run, where fun, love and belly rubs are never extra.
  • Review from Seema D
  • Raleigh, NC. 12/23/2013
  • We've used Buzzy's to board our 2 huskies several times and love it! The set up is fantastic- there are lots of fenced areas where dogs can play all day and can be separated if needed. There is a very large fenced area that is the main play area where lots of dogs can run around- TONS of room. There are also smaller areas for dogs that may need to be separated. Our dogs don't seem to pay too much attention to other dogs and seem to prefer playing with each other, so they get their own fenced in area to play around- their own private yard basically! The sleeping areas are in a converted barn with heat and A/C where each dog (or pair of dogs) gets their own stall- plenty of room to walk around and find a comfy spot.
I cannot say enough about the owner Joan. She lives on site (the barn and fenced areas are behind her house) and is very in tune with the dogs after hanging out with them for a while. Whenever we pick them up after a stay, I always get the sense that she has really spent time with the dogs, especially when she starts talking about their personalities and quirks- things that she'd only know if she played with them. She also pays very good attention to the dogs' needs. For example, we left our guys over the summer and, being huskies, they are prone to overheating. She made sure that they got A/C breaks as needed and didn't stress themselves out.

We also enjoy the videos she sends us of the dogs running around and we especially enjoy picking up dogs that are completely exhausted. This is the only place we've taken them where they are always excited when we get there- no hesitation on their part when we hand off the leashes and leave.

Prices are very reasonable for the services and I don't think we'll take our dogs anywhere else if we can help it. Right now, space is pretty limited, so I almost don't want to leave a review in case we have trouble getting a reservation. But Buzzy's is such a fantastic place that I can't deny it other dogs.         

11/25/2013 "Our family just moved to Raleigh from Portland, OR. We used to "board" our dog on a huge farm and were so happy to find Buzzy's Bark-N-Run. Our dog was very well cared for like he was their own. He's part Border Collie, so has a lot of energy and upon his return, he slept ALL day which is unlike him. He was worn out after tons of play, including hours of tossing a ball for him. I feel so comforted knowing that while we're on vacation, he's having a vacation of his own. We received texts and updates throughout his visit and were always aware of how he was doing. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who has a high-energy dog who needs to run and not sit in a cage all day. I almost didn't want to write a review because I want to keep this place a secret just for us!" Christine N.

"I LOVE this place! My Australian Shepard mix is a very high energy dog. I have left him in traditional kennels before and he is just not happy there. He doesn't get the opportunity to run free and burn off his energy at traditional kennels. But at Buzzy's Bark and Run he's free to romp and play all day...and boy does he!!! He comes home worn out...just the way I like him!!! Joan is wonderful with the animals and we are so happy she is here in Wake Forest!! We will utilize her services often." Robyn

"We boarded our min schnauzer last month for the week while we went on vacation and I'm not sure who had the better time! Went out the day before to visit, and the grounds are truly amazing! Beautiful facilities, with custom 10 x 10 kennels, and so many places for the dogs to explore and be outside! The owner, Joan, took the time to learn about Mac and Mac had a great time with Buzzy & Habibi. We highly recommend!!!" Dana

"Woohoo! As good as it gets! And even better! My name is Lisa. My 13 year old lab/golden retriever's name is Calvin. I haven't had to board/kennel him since I was in the process of moving to Wake Forest, 8 years ago. This past month of May, I have left him at Buzzy's Bark-N-Run Dog Camp twice when I needed to go out of town. Prior to leaving him there, I called and asked to see the dog camp first. I was truly amazed and impressed with the dog camp, the proprietor, Joan Todd and her dog, Buzzy. My dog, Calvin felt totally at home there right from the start. It is a wonderful farm setting with lots of acreage for dogs to explore and enjoy safely. Ms. Todd is a dog lover, well animal lover through and through. Calvin took to her instantaneously. I highly recommend Buzzy's Bark-N-Run Dog Camp to anyone who needs to board their dog. It's like "doggie heaven on earth". Lisa H.

Everything went great, huge fenced in grass field for the dogs to romp around in, and a comfortable barn for the dogs to sleep in. The owner gave me a short video clip of Rookie running around and playing with her dog Buzzy during his stay. Rookie is a tad overweight but looked like he lost a few pounds due to all the running he did I suspect he will miss the place and Buzzy since I had trouble getting him in the car for the trip back home"I have had a hard time finding a place to board my 2 yr old Black Lab "Major". He is very energetic and I have to travel a 5 times a year for conferences for 4 days at a time. I have used several places in the Raleigh area and usually come back to a very cranky upset dog because it seems they spend a lot of time in their respective kennels. A friend told me about Buzzy's bark n run and I tried them out this past conference last week. Really cool Horse farm and the kennels are actually in the barn that opens up to acres of open land for the dogs to run and play. (air conditioned and heated). When I came back from Dallas I didn't even have to pick Major up...the owner this really cool woman who you can tell LOVES animals... dropped him off at my house! I have never seen my dog Major so relaxed...kind of feel guilty that he wants to spend more time there instead of at home with me! Strongly recommend giving this place a chance ... I know Major will be in good hands when I travel in June again!" Mary

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