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Boarding per day $48.00

2nd dog: $42.00

(ask for pricing if you have more than 2 dogs.) 

After 12:00 p.m. checkout will be considered a full day.

 I have decided not to list "hours" of play, as I would like to have more flexibility during the day for campers and myself.  Not all pups need 8 hours of play and most benefit from more frequent rest.  BUT the concept hasn't changed.  All campers are still outside 6-8 hours a day. Starting no later than 7 A.M and bed time is 9:00 P.M.  


Please call or text to discuss drop off and pick up times when you make a reservation.  

Ideally, for all campers, drop off window is 8-10. I will insist pups have sufficient play time before nap/meal times but understand our human customers are busy so afternoon drop off will be available when needed. 


pick up windows are more flexible since pups will be tired and ready for home.  Generally any time 8-11 and 2-5 will work  4 is the cut off for Saturday.  Reminder, I charge for the full day of boarding when pups are picked up in the afternoon.  



Holiday hours: campers will still enjoy 6 hours of play but we are closed to human customers and have a more flexible play schedule to allow me to enjoy my holiday.


*In order to minimize the stress for my customers I do prefer dogs are dropped off at least a couple of hours before lunch or right after lunch.

TOURS are not only welcome but I insist on meeting all potential campers before I accept a reservation. I will also often ask for A short overnight visits before accepting long stays.   Please schedule an appointment in advance.

Please note: if you have boarding needs for peak season (summer and major holidays) please schedule your tour sooner than later as I won't have time when I have a full house/barn. 






FOOD, Contract, Pet Profile and copy of vet records.

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