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About Us

Buzzy's Bark-N-Run Dog Camp is a dream come true. After working in mutual funds for years and then owning a restaurant for over a decade I decided it was time to enjoy life! When I found this amazing Log home on 12 acres of land, I knew it was the place to make my dream come to fruition! There have been challenges and obstacles along the way but it has been worth it!

We opened in 2013! The time we took off during the pandemic only made me more sure that I LOVE what I do! I feel like my customers are truly friends and I love my campers as if they are my own. "The Farm" has been an oasis for me and I love sharing it and my critters with those who appreciate it. 


The BOSS: 9 year old Buzzy's current role is primarily to meet potential campers. His calm, gentle, polite personality allows him to make even the most shy new arrivals feel safe but he can also be a strong leader to the younger dogs who need a little guidance. He refuses to retire so when he's not greeting new guests he'll be found laying around keeping an eye on things.

(his face is white now but he looks so regal here)

The Party starter and class clown: 1 year old MacKenzie wants to run, jump, play and bark every second that he's not eating or sleeping. He's only had a few months experience in this role as lead entertainer but he's a natural!  

  The Equine 

Brady joined us just before the pandemic hit so he hasn't had much experience entertaining the campers yet. The herders will love seeing him though and I'm sure he'll add to the fun!

3 year old Joan Catherine (J.C. on the right) and 10 year old Isabel (Izzy, below) have provided lots of fun for the campers who love to chase them (on the other side of the fence of course )! The girls seem to really enjoy the game and even when they're not in the mood to run, they have been seen nose to nose with the campers. 

The equine team add so much fun but because they're on the farm I am very strict about not taking campers with any history of jumping, climbing over or digging under fences.


4180 Stells Rd.

Wake Forest, N.C. 27587

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