Buzzy's Bark-N-Run Dog Camp - The Active Dogs Dream Vacation!

Buzzy hanging with the horses!
Buzzy's Bark-N-Run Dog Camp is a home based Kennel on my 12 acre farm.  Most dogs are welcome but our ideal guest is one who loves the outdoors!  If your dog becomes mischievous or destructive from lack of exercise and mental stimulation then both pet and owner will benefit from boarding with us!  All dogs are better pets when their needs are met!  We believe running and playing is as important as eating for all dogs! 

One of our first guests at our kennel, Ranger.Guests of Buzzy's Bark-N-Run spend their days running and playing outdoors until they're tired.   We have 2 acres of fenced in play areas to accommodate all sizes and personalities. Each guest's day will be custom tailored to meet their needs and desires.  Buzzy, my 2 year old Irish Setter,  will assist me by playing with the social and active dogs either one on one or in a group for those who are compatible.  Habibi, 10 year old BIchon Frise, is patient and gentle with all dogs but prefers playing with those her size.  Even the timid and shy pups tend to love Habibi.  

Buzzy attempting to get Scooter to play.

Pets who really just prefer to hang in and chew a bone or toy will be allowed the freedom to do so as well.

Bodie was one of our first guests at the kennel.

When Guests are tired of playing they'll relax in one of the 5 custom 10' x 10' suites. Each suite is designed for two guests, furnished with crates and fleece beds.  

Buzzy's Bark-N-Run dog camp is more of a home away from home for the dogs who visit.  Limiting the number of boarders to 10 allows me to treat all pets like family. As the owner and only employee of Buzzy's Bark-N-Run dog camp, I will personally care for every guest.  Through observation and with the help of the pet owners I will learn everything possible about each guest and customize visits based on the individual.  Whether social or not, every dog deserves a chance to go to camp and "bark-n-run" outdoors!!

In an effort to make boarding your pet more convenient a taxi service is also provided!!


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