Buzzy's Bark-N-Run Dog Camp - The Active Dogs Dream Vacation!

Buzzy hanging with the horses!
Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to view my website.  If you're looking for a 100% stress free boarding experience for your pup then please continue reading. Unlike other boarding options, Buzzy's guests enjoy my company for at least 7 hours a day while playing outside; 7 days a week, including holidays. Buzzy's  Bark-N-Run is a home-based business where guests enjoy a 12 acre farm.  If your dog(s) love the outdoors, this is the ideal boarding option.  My horse barn has been renovated to comfortably accommodate 10 dogs and 2 acres are fenced off to allow each and every guest to run free and enjoy!   

One of our first guests at our kennel, Ranger.

Guests of Buzzy's Bark-N-Run start the day at 7:00 A.M. and with the exception of breakfast, lunch  and dinner breaks, are allowed to stay outside until 9:00 p.m. Of course some dog's need more rest, especially in the warmer months, So based on your instructions and my personal observations ( yes, I'm outside with them at all times) I'll cater to each guest's personal needs. Usually, they're so at home they walk to the barn door and let me know it's time for a nap or A.C. break.

Buzzy attempting to get Scooter to play.

Pets who really just prefer to lay around and chew a bone or toy will be allowed the freedom to do so as well.

Bodie was one of our first guests at the kennel.

When Guests tire playing, they'll relax in one of the 5 custom 10' x 10' suites. Each suite is designed for two guests, furnished with crates and fleece beds.  

Buzzy's Bark-N-Run dog camp is more of a home away from home.  Limiting the number of boarders to 10, allows me to treat each pet like family. As the owner and only employee of Buzzy's Bark-N-Run dog camp, I will personally care for every guest. Personal observation and a free meet and greet where I listen to pet owners, allows me to understand everything necessary about each guest and customize visits based on the individual.  

Because it's important that every guest has the best possible time, with zero stress, I do ask to meet every dog before I accept a reservation. Tours are welcome by appointment only.  After meeting your pup, I'll be honest about whether or not He/She is a good fit.  What makes a good fit?   Dogs who are social, love the outdoors and are crate trained.  "Social" can be pretty subjective, but basically, if Buzzy approves, your pup is welcome! Everyone has theories on dog behavior but personally, I disagree all dogs need to fit into a hierarchy.  Not all dogs need to dominate.  My ideal guest just wants to have a good time, without worrying about some dog who does need to be a bully!  I do have some great customers who prefer being on their own; If your pup is an introvert, we do have separate fenced in space as long as they're not diggers or fence jumpers!  

In an effort to make boarding your pet more convenient a taxi service is also provided!!


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